DEEX Korea is

DEEX Korea is part of the customer’s business with the goal of becoming “the best Microsoft business solution consulting company in Korea.” We, DEEX Korea is working day and night to achieve its corporate value of “customer satisfaction.”

Founded in 2015, DEEX Korea expanded its market with expert team members in Korea, the wilderness of Microsoft business solutions. As a result, domestic conglomerates, and venture companies with a bright future, are joining the door of DEEX Korea. Deex’s growth is not going to stop with the current progression.

The ultimate value we’re looking for is a partnership of trust between our customers and DEEX Korea, which provides solutions for stable business operations in a rapidly changing environment. The driving force behind DEEX is research and development, and we’re sure it leads to customer satisfaction. At this point, DEEX Korea is working on constant research and development to satisfy our customers.

DEEX is a young company. Accelerate your business by capturing fast-changing business environments and IT technology trends faster than others.

DEEX has a collection of talented people. With more than 15 years of experience in each field, DEEX, companies that are working on projects range from big companies in Korea to startups with a bright future.

Of course, sure.

DEEX sticks to the philosophy of “customer satisfaction begins with honesty.” We are more honest than fancy modifiers. We understand exactly the needs of our customers who are looking for us and offer.

DEEX’s door is always open. Please knock on the door without any pressure. DEEX is confident in presenting the business solution that’s optimized for you.

TEL: 02 – 574 – 4625


Address: 128, Gasan Digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea.

With DEEX Korea

If you’re to be with DEEX Korea, it’s easy and easy to get from the initial introduction to Microsoft Business Central, to the configuration your business needs. We work together to systematically manage and expand your business areas. Feel free to contact your imagination. DEEX will make it happen.

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The history of DEEX

DEEX Korea is


DEEX Korea Foundation

DEEX Korea has established a new corporation as a program development and corporate consulting firm, overcoming cold winter winds.

Microsoft Partner Agreement Setting

We register as an authorized partner of Microsoft.

Pulmuone Project Progress

Obtain an ERP project for the U.S. Eastern and Western branches of Pulmuone.

Joined AHK Korea

Deex joined AHK Korea to tap into the European market.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Korea Local Pack Development Completed

We developed a module for the Korean translation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the processing and reporting of Korean VAT. 2017.05 “AURORA WORLD” Project Progress: We have worked on the…

“AURORA WORLD” Project Progress:

We have worked on the ERP project of AURORA WORLD, a toy manufacturer.

Increased the share of exports in sales

The share of exports out of total sales of 900 million has increased to 55%. (500 million won) (500 million won). We’ve started expanding our overseas markets in earnest.

Certification of Women’s Enterprises

We received a women’s enterprise certificate from the head of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups of Seoul.

Developed the local pack of Cloud ERP, Microsoft Business Central

DEEX Korea is the first in the world to develop and register with Microsoft AppSource a local package of Microsoft Business Central, an ERP product based on Microsoft’s SaaS.

Selection and investment of local package technology partners in Dynamics 365

Through a local package developed in May 2018, DEEX Korea was selected as a local package technology partner of Dynamics 365 by Microsoft Korea. Local package development is a testament…

Streami ERP Project Progress

DEEX Korea has worked on an ERP deployment project for blockchain-based startup Streami, a key technology in the fourth industry.

F&F overseas corporation ERP project progress

DEEX Korea has worked on F&F’s overseas corporation ERP project, which is a Korea fashion corporation.

Hye-gwang Medical Foundation Business Central Project Progress

We built ERP into Microsoft Business Central of Hye-gwang Medical Foundation, located in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province.

Establishment of an American corporation

We have launched consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform for local customers in the United States.

Company Expansion & Relocation

A change of address: 101, Gasan Digital 2-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul

Our Customers

“Pulmuone is one of Korea`s leading comprehensive food companies and has a wide range of businesses ranging from fresh food and beverages to health-functioning foods, meals and eco-friendly food distribution. Pulmuone built the U.S.-based ERP through DEEX Korea.”

“”Myungin Pharm produces excellent medical products by thoroughly managing all processes from raw material synthesis to drug production. Through DEEX Korea, Myungin have implemented ERP, the headquarters of Myeongin Pharm, as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to improve productivity and transform processes.”

“Aurora World is a toy manufacturer loved for its highest quality and creative design. Through DEEX Korea, Aurora World has deployed U.S. company ERP as Microsoft Dynamics NAV to deliver differentiated products to our customers quickly and accurately.”

“Streami is a blockchain-based financial services startup. Through DEEX Korea, Streami has demonstrated that the Daynamics NAV is the right business solution for the 4th industry by building Steami’s ERP with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.”

“Royal Copenhagen is a Danish royal pottery company that inherits the craftsmanship and produces high-quality products.

Royal Copenhagen has been producing transparent and fair products since it built Microsoft Business Central through DEEX Korea.”

“Miele is a German premium consumer electronics company that follows the basic principle of ‘quality’ for product innovation. Miele Korea built the Microsoft Dynamics NAV through DEEX Korea to help us improve productivity and meet customer satisfaction as a result of using Dynamics NAV for everything from ordering to shipping.”

“TCS is an NGO launched with the aim of peace and co-prosperity of Korea, China and Japan. It is important for NGOs to make the right use of a limited budget. With DEEX Korea, TCS has deployed Microsoft Dynamics NAV to effectively control its budget and work with SharePoint to simplify the process.”

“F&F is a fashion company that offers a wide range of brands, from licenses such as MLB and DISCOVERY. Through DEEX Korea, F&F can lead the fashion industry by introducing Microsoft Business Central to build a foreign corporate system, and DEEX has proven that Business Central is the best global solution to make inroads overseas.”

Customer satisfaction

is our pleasure.