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Here is a list of questions DEEX often asks.

DEEX is a young company. Accelerate your business by capturing fast-changing business environments and IT technology trends faster than others. DEEX has a collection of talented people. With more than 15 years of experience in each field, DEEX, companies that are working on projects range from big companies in Korea to startups with a bright future.

It is true that ERP is cautious because it is responsible for the basic business of the company. Please tell me why we reviewed the ERP and what you want. You can do the rest with us.

Previously, you were very hesitant due to the initial cost of ERP adoption, but the times have changed so that you can introduce it at a low cost. Please contact me!

This is the next generation of business solutions that Microsoft has used reliably with 160,000 customers worldwide over 30 years. DEEX embodies imagining scenarios!

Of course!

Previously, the areas of ERP and CRM were clear. But today, everything that’s done in the business, from sales to financing, is covered in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Now, please ask whether your business needs CRM or ERP.

If you’re looking for a reasonable price, Microsoft Business Central is the right choice.

Domestic solutions (Duozone, e-Count) are difficult to optimize for and must be costly to do so. In addition, overseas solutions (Oracle, SAP) are also costly to initialize.

Microsoft Business Central is the perfect solution to find the right price point between a local solution and a popular overseas solution.

For your accurate estimates, it’s very convenient to consult if you can show us the size of your budget. Prices vary from production to adoption, depending on your business environment.

You don’t have to pay for the quote from the consultation. Please feel free to contact me!

Of course, sure.

DEEX sticks to the philosophy of “customer satisfaction begins with honesty.” We are more honest than fancy modifiers. We understand exactly the needs of our customers who are looking for us and offer.

DEEX’s door is always open. Please knock on the door without any pressure. DEEX is confident in presenting the business solution that’s optimized for you.

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