Hello, this is Deex Korea.

More and more data, how can we organize, process, and express it more comfortably?
This month’s webinar, designed to ease the anxiety of office workers,
is a way to automatically import added data by time from Power BI.

In fact, even if I learned the function of the program, I felt like my head was clogged when I tried to use it,
so I used to continue the data as I originally did,
Learn how to automate your data pipeline with this Deex Korea webinar,
as well as draw it online with SharePoint!


Importing Data to Power BI

– Import data from an Excel file

– Import association data from a folder

– Import data from SharePoint list

– Import connection data from a SharePoint folder

Power BI has a variety of other ways to import data.
We have gathered functions that can be used immediately for work.
The loading time is edited in the video, so you can feel it a little faster, but you can easily follow it because there are not many parts that you actually work on.
Now, just automatically load the data and refresh the report!

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