As soon as Chuseok passes, a cold wind is blowing.
You’re trying to adjust to the office after a long holiday, and you don’t seem to be working well, do you?😏
Imagine an automation tool that’s working instead of me in this case.

Do you know SharePoint?

If you’ve used spreads, used tools, and shared files, but it doesn’t stick to your hand,
so you’ve returned to the Excel file in your folder, I recommend you introduce Microsoft SharePoint.
The most obvious digital transformation that can start from a small scale in the office
would be clouding Excel work.

Of course, share points are not the same as Excel, so you may feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable at first,
but it’s hard to take the first step like everything else in , but the more you get used to it,
the more you can do and the more your organization’s capabilities are expanded.
In this September’s webinar, we have prepared a basic guide to start SharePoint.

SharePoint is really good for DB when you’re trying to leverage other Power Platform solutions.
With automated triggers and free connectors available, it can be a really good tool
for those who lack the overall basic knowledge of development to use without resistance.
I hope more people can use SharePoint by referring to this webinar.

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Provides Microsoft 365 business license proposal, development, and training.
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