Hello, we’re Deex Korea.

To give a little help to those who are analyzing their work materials
Following last month, Dix Korea prepared a webinar for June and a visualization of Power BI.
Last time, you might have been a little tired of processing data,
This time, we will express Naver keyword advertisement result data using various visualizations.
You’ll be able to copy it more easily and funly!😉

Power BI’s various visualizations

1️⃣ Using table visualization

2️⃣ Using a curved linear & tied vertical bar visualization

3️⃣ Create a button with the slicer

4️⃣ Using scatterplots and bubble charts

5️⃣ Use card visualization

6️⃣ Using tree map visualization

7️⃣ Use Word Cloud Visualization

Power BI desktop is available free of charge on your local PC.
Licenses are required to use various additional features within your organization, such as online sharing and distribution.
Feel free to contact Deex Korea for Microsoft 365 (Office365) licenses, Power BI license proposals, and consulting.

We’ll be back next month with more informative videos for you!

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